Climate Solidarity is a trade union response to climate change. It’s about learning, working and acting together to help make the kind of society we want to live in.

Most people are worried about Climate Change, and the impact it will have on us, our jobs, our communities, and future generations. Many of us feel overwhelmed by information about the bad effects that climate change will have, or confused about what we can do.

But when it comes to climate change, you don’t have to act on your own. Climate Solidarity is about working together with colleagues or friends to take simple, practical steps to cut carbon pollution in our homes and workplaces. Climate Solidarity provides everything you need – materials, training and support.

People get involved in Climate Solidarity for all sorts of reasons. For some of us, it’s about mobilising union members so that trade unions can have a stronger voice on changes in our workplaces, and the transition to a low carbon economy. For some of us it is about doing our bit, and making sure that we only use our fair share of the world’s resources. And for some of us, cutting carbon pollution and waste is one of the best ways of putting a few more pounds in our pockets – from savings on electricity, gas, and fuel.

Whatever your reason, it’s a reason to get active.